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I See The Light

Truck Lite recently tested out their LED headlights on a windy pitch black road in Alabama. Here’s the word on why LED head lights are better than the traditional halogen lamps. According to Brad Van Riper, senior VP and chief technical officer for Truck Lite, enhanced visibility, longer life, low current draw, and longer effectiveness are the main differences. The LED light has a longer and wider range, even using low lights, and its natural white light has a distinct clarity which is ‘easy on the eyes’. Other motorists didn’t seem to mind the LED lights, indicating that their brightness wasn’t a problem for other drivers on the road. One neat thing about Truck Lite’s LED head lights is that the wavelength of the light was developed to be more like daytime light, resulting in less driver fatigue. The new LED head lights are the standard for Truck Lite and the Cascadia line of trucks. For more information, you can read the full article here.

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