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Sleep Apnea Bill is Making its Rounds

In an update on the sleep apnea bill, the FMCSA released a statement saying they will address sleep disorder screening through the formal rulemaking process. This doesn’t mean that the FMCSA has decided to create a rule regarding sleep disorder screening, however they are going to be more formal in their assessment of the problem and try and gather as much data as possible. The sleep apnea bill passed the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee which requires the FMCSA to go through a more formal process when looking into the sleep apnea problem. The FMCSA had before been considering the guideline process to look into the issue, which is less formal and doesn’t require as extensive data compilation. This statement means that the FMCSA will be seriously investigating sleep apnea in the trucking community to see if the issue requires further investigating and potentially guidelines or even a rule. For more on the issue, read the article here.

To see the origins of the bill and why it has become so important, read our first blog about it here.

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