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What You Don’t Know About Truckers…

In a list from Overdrive, Wendy Parker details 5 things you might not know about truckers.

Here’s an excerpt from the list:


[heading style=”subheader”]Truckers do more than drive[/heading]

Following a route is not the only thing a professional driver does. Because of federal weight restrictions, a driver has to maintain a fine balance between fuel and freight weight. This requires mileage calculation, precise time management and route familiarity. Hours of Service rules require drivers to keep strict time logs, which must coincide with fueling, driving, sleeping, loading and unloading times. Drivers are responsible for knowing the variations of axle-weight requirements in each state and have to adjust their axles or loads accordingly, which also requires adjustments in fuel requirements, mileage and necessary stops. A driver is always changing his or her time calculations as well, based on road conditions and traffic flow. Their drive hours have been described to me as “a constant game of chess, with ten possible options and outcomes for every move.”

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